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Dementia Hypnotherapy has been purposely designed for people living in the early stages of dementia e.g. Alzheimer’s disease (2-5 on the Global Deterioration Scale - GDS). Their partner or caregiver can read these stories to the person living with a dementia-related illness when they are ready to retire for the day, e.g. in bed but still awake and fully conscious just prior to journeying into the Alpha state.  (Alternatively, the person can listen to a pre-recorded version of one of our stories.)


Each of our stories have been meticulously designed to be functionally short in duration featuring elements that the person is familiar with and incorporating an area of need the person is struggling with that they have indicated requires attention e.g. motivation.


In addition to motivation, we have also included other common problems exhibited by people living with dementia including socialisation, relaxation and concentration, which can be woven into the story. We have also incorporated a step-by-step tutorial/template that will allow a bespoke story to be written.

21 bedtime stories are included.

Available on Kindle and Soft Cover.


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